Some students complain that snack bars in school are not healthy and should be replaced with healthy snacks. But most of the students in middle school think that it's a great idea to junk food served in schools, and at the snack bar. Well I personally think that snack bars should be replaced with healthy snacks only.
    How can someone worry about obesity, if really, the only thing they are serving is junk food? You could see in the news everyday that obesity is a problem! How can we solve this? By giving out healthy food that will benefit the body.
    This is my argument. I really think that people should start eating better and leave the junk food behind!

03/18/2013 4:36pm

I agree with you, we shouldn't just let the snack bar serve junk food because the kids want it! If the won't take it upon themselves, then the school must do it for them.

03/19/2013 6:04pm

Personally, I think we should have both healthy and junk food, and be able to make the choice for ourselves. What if I want to eat unhealthily, but can't because there is only fruits and veggies?

03/19/2013 9:32pm

I have to agree with Erin. Although in a perfect world no one would be obese and everyone would be healthy, but this isn't a perfect world and have to say I really love Burger King. I know I would never give that up and I don't think I'm that obese, so I think people should be allowed to choose what they want to eat and live with those choices.


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