Creating the weebly website was difficult. For example, when he had to embed our presentations or all of our work to the pages, I had a hard time trying to figure out how we had to post it. This is how I fixed it: I looked through all of the pages and elements, and you added the element to the pages. After you had the element, you could be able to add the link or any other assignment.
     Another issue I had was figuring out how to get rid of the buttons. What I did was that I changed the design first, and then I changed the style of the page. When that was done, it got rid of the buttons right away, and the pages were fixed.
     The last problem I had with the weebly site was putting all my pages in the right order. Sometimes they were in the wrong place, and some of the pages I didn't have. But I think that this is the easiest problem I've had to solve. I first went to pages, where you can add, delete, or change the style. Then, when I add a page, I could move it around to where I want it to be placed. That's how I figured out where to place the pages.
     Solving the weebly site was complicated at first. But it's getting easier and easier every time! I think weebly is  cool and fun website. Fixing the issues was also fun because that helped me in other stuff I was having trouble fixing. I'm glad I am able to use weebly!


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