Would you give up something like... your phone? I don't think so! I personally wouldn't! If someone was to offer 1 million dollars just to give up your phone for life, I think I wouldn't take it! Would you? I mean think about it, never having another phone or any other electronic devices just because you accepted 1 million dollars!
    Many people need them for very important reasons, if it wasn't for those devices, things would be much harder. It is not that important for me , like for others, but I would not dare to give it up for something dumb like offers and deals.

04/18/2013 4:49pm

I agree with you. I could give up my IPod, but not my phone. What happens if you're going to get kidnapped in the middle of nowhere? You call the police with your phone. With an IPod, you won't receive Wi-Fi out in the middle of nowhere, so that's useless.

04/23/2013 12:47pm

Wow, you sound really dedicated to your phone. It would not be so hard for me. I think our world would be much better off if we didn't have some of the technology today.

04/23/2013 1:03pm

I agree with you that phones are very important, especially in case of emergency. However, I also agree with Erin, in that our world may, in fact, be better off without so much technology.


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