What do you think about lunches at schools? Are they discusting, good, or do they just taste wierd? In my opinion, most of the lunch served, almost ALL, tastes really bad. Lunches here, at shcool, have a wierd taste to it, it doesn't even have the flavor it's supposed to have. The only thing I would actaully EAT there would be the fruit and vegetables that are optional to be eaten!
    What should be done to fix this? First of all, different menu! That is just a great start! Second, the options of food we get to eat should change. And at last, the way they make the food, and where they get the food from should ALSO change! That's really what I think about shcool lunches, and what I think should change!

                                                                EDUCREATIONS PROJECT!!!


05/09/2013 12:50pm

You have a very good point Janette. School lunches aren't great in taste, or nutrition. Something should be done about this.


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