How would this world be like without rules, without laws? Everything would be totally out of control! There is probably going to be many people getting hurt, more then there was before with rules. In schools, many students get suspended because of fights, now imagine how many kids will leave and get expelled from schools if there were no rules! Even though rules sound boring, I've got to admit, we need them! Life would not be the same without a hint to remind us what's right and what's wrong.

01/27/2013 9:10pm

I agree with you that even though we might sometimes not like the rules, we most definitely need them. Without something to remind us what's right and what's wrong, everyone would have a whole mess of problems.

02/01/2013 9:59pm

I agree with you all the way! If there were no rules, maybe some people would have a good mind, and maybe keep everyone in check.


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