Most people are born with all five sences: taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight! If I had to give up one of those five sences for the rest of my life, I think it would be 'touching'. I need a to smell, hear, taste, and see. Plus, those are the main ones and what people need the most. On the other hand, touching is not as important to me, it is, I need it, but I would rather give up that one!

    Another reason why I'd rather give up that sence, is because when it comes to food, we need to be able to smell it, taste it, and see what it is, we don't really need to feel it. In addition, when someone is speaking to us, we have to be able to hear what they say, we don't need to touch anything for that. That is what I think, and the sence I would give up!
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    What do you think about lunches at schools? Are they discusting, good, or do they just taste wierd? In my opinion, most of the lunch served, almost ALL, tastes really bad. Lunches here, at shcool, have a wierd taste to it, it doesn't even have the flavor it's supposed to have. The only thing I would actaully EAT there would be the fruit and vegetables that are optional to be eaten!
    What should be done to fix this? First of all, different menu! That is just a great start! Second, the options of food we get to eat should change. And at last, the way they make the food, and where they get the food from should ALSO change! That's really what I think about shcool lunches, and what I think should change!

                                                                EDUCREATIONS PROJECT!!!
    Why should searching through the web be safe? First of all, it is very important that everything that we look up on the internet is safe! There are many things going on around the entire world, and 'online safety' should be considered the most important thing when you first open a device with internet access.
    What is online safety? Online safety is the security of people and their information when using the internet. It's all about avoiding being ripped off, disrespected, bullied, scammed, or stalked while you’re just trying to have a good time online.

Student Tips

  • always check the private polocy
  • make sure secure connections are offered
  • never meet a person you don't know through the internet
  • do not give personal information

    Would you give up something like... your phone? I don't think so! I personally wouldn't! If someone was to offer 1 million dollars just to give up your phone for life, I think I wouldn't take it! Would you? I mean think about it, never having another phone or any other electronic devices just because you accepted 1 million dollars!
    Many people need them for very important reasons, if it wasn't for those devices, things would be much harder. It is not that important for me , like for others, but I would not dare to give it up for something dumb like offers and deals.
       Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying
to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ. (Galatians 1:10) God is number one in my life, and he is the one I am trying to please! Yes, it is also good to please people, but it's more important to please God overall. That is my goal, to be obedient to him, and to give great testimony of what God has done in my life! There is nothing else I want to do more than worship him for the great miracles he has done for me and my family. I will only find peace in him, he has set me free! This is why I'd rather please my God first, then my friends.
       I am aware of the consequences that  will occur in my life if I choose to disobey, if I choose the wrong path. This is why I decide to maintain myself firm in God's path, to give testimony to others on the great and powerful, and to keep doing what I am doing today to please my God! I am a servant of Christ, the one who died on the cross for my sins, I choose to worship him for the rest of my life!

MY PROJECT!   Check out my Educreations project/slideshow by clicking on the link... 'MY PROJECT!'
    What makes a person innovative? Here is the thing, there are no secrets to being creative! Being innovative involves having great ideas, and sometimes more. For example, we need faith, hard work, and focus. One phrase used plenty of times to describe innovative people is: "Think outside the box".
    When trying something innovative, it's more like an experiment than a fear in failure! So it takes knoledge, faith, and creativity. Many Ideas can come to you when you're alone, or maybe when you are collaborating with a group. Eihter way, everyone is creative!
    In my opinion, what makes a person innovative is their knoledge in any subject. The reason why is because everyone thinks differently, everyone has their own opinions, and ideas. I think that everyone is innovative, they make decision wisely!

Here is a link I got from the Internet that shows seven habits of highly innovative people:
    Have you ever experienced being on a podcast? I think it's a great project done as a group. You get to collaborate, come up with many different ideas, inform, and entertain.
    Right now, so far, there are 4 episodes that we are doing in our advanced language arts class. The one we are working on right now is the 4th episode, which is on a short story, The Tell-Tale Heart.
    What is your biggest fear? This is a question asked as a survey. We surveyed a total of 45 students, seventh and eight graders. This poll went in our podcast, and it has been a great work between all of us together.
    I think that podcasting is a great opportunity to learn how to collaborate and to participate, especially!
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    Some students complain that snack bars in school are not healthy and should be replaced with healthy snacks. But most of the students in middle school think that it's a great idea to junk food served in schools, and at the snack bar. Well I personally think that snack bars should be replaced with healthy snacks only.
    How can someone worry about obesity, if really, the only thing they are serving is junk food? You could see in the news everyday that obesity is a problem! How can we solve this? By giving out healthy food that will benefit the body.
    This is my argument. I really think that people should start eating better and leave the junk food behind!
     Everyone makes mistakes, even our parents. Have you ever wondered what they were?
     My parents have been great rolemodels for me, I look up to them! Niether of them finished high school, but now they regret that and expect more from me. They know what's best, and the future we will have. The plans and the hopes they have for me are high, and it's my job to accomplish them! Even though there are many things that they could've done better, it's now my turn to do them even better, I admire my parents. But the mistakes that they once made won't be done again!
     The digital assignment for this week was a Fahrenheit 451 deleted scene. I thought is was a great way to get used to all technology we have used and that we will soon be using. For my deleted scene assignment, I used educreations. I think educreations is a great way to do all sorts of projects, there are many things that you can do with that app. You can draw, or write a lesson, add pictures from web and your gallery, type, and record! The weekly digital assignments are fun and easy to do.