Dear Diary,
Today has been the best day every! I saw a new guy come to school. His name is Allen Genesis and I think he is really cute. The sad part, though, is that I only have a few classes with him! I really hope that I'm one of the students that gets a shcedule change, that way I get to see him more! The really exciting part is that we got in partners of three, and he was in my group. We spoke like non-stop! Now I know a lot about him, and he knows a lot about me! I'm scared of getting too close to him. If we become really good friends, or best friends, then that means he comes over to my house and I go over to his. Which means he gets to meet my parents , Lio and Lily McClellan. My dad is a scientist, and I know for sure that he might come up with wierd conversations and creep my "future boyfriend" out!!


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