What makes a person innovative? Here is the thing, there are no secrets to being creative! Being innovative involves having great ideas, and sometimes more. For example, we need faith, hard work, and focus. One phrase used plenty of times to describe innovative people is: "Think outside the box".
    When trying something innovative, it's more like an experiment than a fear in failure! So it takes knoledge, faith, and creativity. Many Ideas can come to you when you're alone, or maybe when you are collaborating with a group. Eihter way, everyone is creative!
    In my opinion, what makes a person innovative is their knoledge in any subject. The reason why is because everyone thinks differently, everyone has their own opinions, and ideas. I think that everyone is innovative, they make decision wisely!

Here is a link I got from the Internet that shows seven habits of highly innovative people:
    Have you ever experienced being on a podcast? I think it's a great project done as a group. You get to collaborate, come up with many different ideas, inform, and entertain.
    Right now, so far, there are 4 episodes that we are doing in our advanced language arts class. The one we are working on right now is the 4th episode, which is on a short story, The Tell-Tale Heart.
    What is your biggest fear? This is a question asked as a survey. We surveyed a total of 45 students, seventh and eight graders. This poll went in our podcast, and it has been a great work between all of us together.
    I think that podcasting is a great opportunity to learn how to collaborate and to participate, especially!
Click on the picture!                         http://techeteens.weebly.com/
    Some students complain that snack bars in school are not healthy and should be replaced with healthy snacks. But most of the students in middle school think that it's a great idea to junk food served in schools, and at the snack bar. Well I personally think that snack bars should be replaced with healthy snacks only.
    How can someone worry about obesity, if really, the only thing they are serving is junk food? You could see in the news everyday that obesity is a problem! How can we solve this? By giving out healthy food that will benefit the body.
    This is my argument. I really think that people should start eating better and leave the junk food behind!
     Everyone makes mistakes, even our parents. Have you ever wondered what they were?
     My parents have been great rolemodels for me, I look up to them! Niether of them finished high school, but now they regret that and expect more from me. They know what's best, and the future we will have. The plans and the hopes they have for me are high, and it's my job to accomplish them! Even though there are many things that they could've done better, it's now my turn to do them even better, I admire my parents. But the mistakes that they once made won't be done again!