The digital assignment for this week was a Fahrenheit 451 deleted scene. I thought is was a great way to get used to all technology we have used and that we will soon be using. For my deleted scene assignment, I used educreations. I think educreations is a great way to do all sorts of projects, there are many things that you can do with that app. You can draw, or write a lesson, add pictures from web and your gallery, type, and record! The weekly digital assignments are fun and easy to do.
There are two types of standards the we have learned, and that we need to know for important work assignments. One of them is the NETS, which stands for: National Educational Technology Standards. The other one is called CCSS, which stands for: Common Course State Standards. We are using these for a project we're doing, to get us prepared for future assignments! These standards also relate to many things we're doing in our advanced language arts class, and it is very helpful.